Wide Format, Inkjet
Manufactured by:
The TS500P-3200 printer is a 129.9-inch (3.2 meter) wide, dedicated transfer model developed for production transfer runs to create extra-wide textile applications such as soft signage, home furnishing and hospitality fabrics.


  • Extra wide width of 129.9 inches (3.2 meters)
  • Includes technologies for printing onto thin transfer media without cockling interference
  • 2 printheads in a staggered configuration for productivity of up to 1937 SqFt/hr
  • Auto Media Feeder for stable media feed and take-up
Designed to print onto the thinnest of transfer paper, it includes a high gap printhead that is unaffected by cockling that is a common occurrence when using thin media, while maintaining extremely high quality output. High print speeds of up to 1937 SqFt/Hr can be achieved in four-color mode.