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Luxer One offers five locker modules you can mix and match to fit your specific needs.

Main unit: The heart of the Luxer Lockers contains a touchscreen, battery backup, electronics and 15 compartments of varying sizes. Add-on unit: the original add-on unit contains 17 additional small, medium, and large compartments. Add as many as needed. All-medium unit: this special unit contains 14 medium locker compartments, perfect for the most common package sizes. Just like any add-on unit, add as many as needed. Four-door unit: our latest unit contains 4 extra-tall locker compartments for private storage of oversized deliveries. With hooks standard in the interior, these units are also perfect for dry cleaning deliveries. Oversized and overflow unit: Luxer One pioneered the original oversize package locker. When paired with our included video surveillance system, this locker can also accept overflow of deliveries if all other lockers are full, allowing for 100% package acceptance.